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Philippa Radon cultivated her signature colour-based design philosophy through many years of developing her professionally trained eye in the industry. Working with high profile British and U.S. designers, her work as a colour consultant led her to establishing her own full service design firm servicing national and international clientele alike. She established paint lines for Pottery Barn, developed her own organic paint line, and worked on projects for the Victoria and Albert Museum, British National Trust and St. James Palace. Her commercial clients have included Guess Clothing, Ralph Lauren clothing stores, the Pacific Design Center in Los Angeles, Steven Ehrlich, St. John's Hospital in Los Angeles, William Morris Agency and Maxxam Enterprises. Her residential clients are a diverse group including Warner Brothers VIP John Richards, Benenson Capital in New York, and the artist formerly known as Prince. Radon’s work immerses her into the world of colour and design. She recently relocated from Los Angeles to Western NY, where her husband was born and raised. Her design firm services the Western NY region and Buffalo areas. A devoted advocate of supporting local, USA-based business, she has worked with and favoured C2 Paint and their colour palette for many years. Always inspired by the beauty of her own home and its surroundings, she brings her attunement to nature back to the energetic pulse of city life, claiming that "the chickens keep her honest." Learn more about Philippa and her aesthetic at

The Journey Back to Black: The Nuances of Dark Walls

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There is something undeniably glamorous about a minimalist stance — the balancing act of reduction; the idea of “less is more”. But to eclipse color and blanket everything with black holds a magic of its own.   Currently, I am experiencing … Continue reading